Animal and Pet Nutrition


LoopGrubs are a highly sustainable & nutritious feed. The grubs are fed a 100% plant-based diet and are Anti-biotics free. They have high-quality protein, a higher fat content and unique fatty acid profile. With less than 5% Ash content, the whole dried insects are highly digestible and have natural chemo-attractant properties to attract fish/ birds ensuring maximum growth & the highest standard of animal welfare.


LoopMeal is a partially defatted insect protein concentrate or insect meal with ~60% Crude protein. It is rich in Bio-active peptides promoting Anti-oxidative, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-microbial properties. Thus, it can be used as a functional ingredient in Aqua, Poultry & Pet food formulations, replacing Fish Meal or Krill meal effectively. The insect like smell enhances palatability and a lower ash content leads to higher digestibility in Livestock & Pets.


LoopOil is derived by purifying the crude oil extracted in the solvent free process of LoopMeal production. Primarily consisting of C:16, C:18, C:18 n:1, C:20 and C:18 n:3 (Omega 3 Fatty Acids), it is the perfect fat source for animals. It’s best served as an energy source, either mixed right into pet food or animal feed or used as a tasty coating (like a post-extrusion spray) applied for enhanced palatability.


LoopFrass is a natural soil amendment and is a blend of food fibers, insect skins & droppings. It is rich in minerals, chitin and organic matter that helps restore the soil quality. The chitin helps build immunity against pets and fungus. It has high water holding capacity and promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms, assisting in plant growth and better root:shoot ratio.