We are an agri-biotechnology company inspired by nature.  

We have begun our journey with transforming the feed industry, which faces significant challenges, from resource scarcity to environmental impact. The feed industry, crucial for nourishing our growing world, often relies on unsustainable practices and poses threats to marine life due to overfishing.

Our approach is to harness the remarkable potential of insects, particularly silkworms and black soldier flies. These insects are more than just overlooked members of our ecosystem; they are versatile bioresources with the power to change the game.

We’re committed to not only producing insect-derived feed materials but also advancing smart farming techniques and recombinant protein technology. 

Our aim is clear – to harness the potential of insects and create products that provide sustainable solutions extending to supporting the insect farming industry, fostering a thriving ecosystem where all elements prosper.

At Loopworm, we’re not only redefining the future of feeding; we’re reshaping the future.

We are a biomanufacturing and bioprocessing company that aims to transform industrially farmed insects into high-quality, sustainable products for animal, plant, and human well-being. Utilizing insects as a scalable bioresource, Loopworm addresses the global feed industry’s need for sustainable, nutrient-dense proteins.

By partnering with insect farmers, especially silkworm farmers in India, we create nutritional feed concentrates, reducing reliance on traditional protein sources like fish and soy. Our innovative approach significantly lowers land and water usage while promoting environmental health. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with the United Nations SDGs, ensuring responsible consumption and production, and enhancing life on land.


To become the most compelling biotech company driving sustainable innovation in nutrition, health and well-being of animals, humans and plants.


Harnessing the power of nature through the limitless potential of insects.

OUR Leadership

Ankit Alok Bagaria


Abhi Gawri





Secured BIRAC Biotechnology Ignition Grant

Winner of Elevate Call2 - Idea2PoC Grant

Winner of Social Alpha Tectonic Innovation in Waste Management

Secured the RKVY-RAFTAAR Grant

Winner of Best Indian Enterprise Award

Winner of TSS Innovative Social Enterprise of the Year