LoopMeal Pro

LoopMeal Pro is a defatted insect protein meal derived from fresh-leaf-fed Silkworms. It is a sustainable alternative protein ingredient processed using our proprietary solvent-free extraction technology.

Available for use as a
protein concentrate ingredient

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Why do we use Silkworms?

Taking Silkworms Beyond Silk

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Extensive genetic and molecular research

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500+ silk research institutes across the globe

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Efficient protein production natural machinery

We are producing premium
future superfoods for animal nutrition

Nutritional benefits


High Lysine and Methionine

Silkworm pupae meal (SWPM) is a protein-rich feed ingredient of animal origin with a high nutritional value. The lysine (6- 7% of the protein) and methionine (2-3% of the protein) contents are particularly high.


Optimum levels of chitin

Chitin and chitosan from silkworm pupae and egg shells show distinct properties with excellent antimicrobial properties and cytocompatibility. Spent silkworm pupae and hatched egg shells are discarded as waste but contain valuable carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. 


Strong chemoattraction

The combination of appropriate protein extraction methods, semiquantitative high‐resolution mass spectrometry analyses of peptides, in silico bioactivity and gene ontology analyses, allowed protein profiling of silkworm pupae  and the characterization of bioactive peptides.


High levels of Bioactives

Edible insects are rich in proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals but also seem to contain large amounts of polyphenols able to have a key role in specific bioactivities. Therefore, this review is an overview of the potential of edible insects as a source of bioactive.

Our product is

Consistent in Quality

Competitively Priced

Climate Friendly

Typical values

Min 60-65%

Crude Protein

Max 15-20%

Crude Fat

Max 7%

Total Ash

Max 7%


Max 7-8%


Min 4000 Kcal/Kgram


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