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With the presence of 10 essential amino-acids, Protiworm is a source of natural protein-rich high-quality feed, ensuring maximum protein to mass conversion rate and FCR in the fishes. Farmed fishes unable to get access to their natural foods- insects, we, at Protiworm are farming insects to feed them.

  • Whole Dried and Grounded Larvae

  • Higher FCR Ratio and Growth Rate

  • Better Digestibility and Pelletibility

  • Affordable Natural Animal Protein


  • High Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • 10 Types of Fatty Acids Present

  • Highly Palatable Natural Fat

  • Digestible High Energy Source

LipidoWorm is a high-quality purified insect oil that is ideal for fish, poultry, and pet food. It contains high proportions of medium chain fatty acids and providing an easily digestible source of energy. Several studies have reported an improved feed intake and additional health benefits.

Our Products


Chitin is a major product derived from BSF. It can be converted to chitosan for disruptive applications in healthcare sectors like drug-delivery, bone-cartilage repair, making dirt-free clothing in textile industry, along with other numerous applications in pharmaceutics, biomedicine, cosmetics, food industry, and heavy metal extraction. Due to varied applications chitin has global demand of three times its supply. The chitin produced by us has extremely low CRI index.

  • Alpha Type Biopolymer

  • Applications in Dirt-Free Clothing

  • Low CR Index

  • Efficient Heavy Metal Ion Trapping


  • Chitin-Rich Products

  • Natural Fertilizer

  • High Organic Matter Content

  • Balanced in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Being the natural by-products of the insect breeding industry- larvae waste, exoskeleton sheds and remaining feed ingredients, our fertiliser is all-natural fertilizer that contains a nutrient dense blend of N-P-K and minerals. Hence, ideal for root development, crop management and landscaping by restoring the natural balance in the soil.